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Welcome.  We are glad you found us.   Divorce is less about undoing the past and more about creating a positive, workable future. You will find useful information,  guidance and resources throughout this website.

In many ways, divorce is a process of making decisions: Who gets what, who has what obligations, for how much and for how long?   The way in which you and your spouse arrive at these decisions can be greatly influenced by the experience and competence of the Orange County divorce attorneys you choose to work with and by the avenues you pursue to dissolve your marriage.

Whether you can reach a successfully negotiated settlement or need to seek court intervention by trial, careful and thorough preparation of your case and understanding your goals will result in positive results for you.

GELLER CONRAD DUVEL LLP lawyers are well known and are tough negotiators and competent trial attorneys.   We are dedicated and committed to the fair representation of your rights,  enhanced by high integrity, knowledge and experience in family law.   Family law comprises more than ninety percent of our practice.

GELLER CONRAD DUVEL LLP staff members are professional, experienced, responsive  and understanding of your needs.

Whether your community property marital estate is one of high asset value, or your divorce or legal separation revolves around child custody issues and issues of support, our Orange County family law attorneys are in a position to provide you with sound, pragmatic advice and strong representation. 

If marriage is in your immediate plans, contact our office for a free consultation to determine whether or not a prenuptial agreement is warranted.

Why Hire a Family Lawyer?

If you have been served with a divorce or are already in the process of one, then you may already be aware of the complexity of the proceedings that lie ahead. Although doing it yourself may seem tempting, the chances of a form being filed incorrectly or a misunderstanding occurring can not only end up delaying your case but costing a considerable sum of money as well. In order to properly protect your interests and substantially mitigate risk, representation by an experienced Orange County divorce attorney is essential. Here are a few good reasons why:

Avoiding Delays

One of the main reasons family attorneys are retained is to ensure that the forms and court documents are properly filled out and submitted correctly. Even a "tiny" mistake can cause the paperwork to be sent back, that will cost both you and the court time and money. Paperwork errors can also effect your rights as the divorce proceeds. One or two simple mistakes can easily end up costing you more than the initial cost of retaining a lawyer.

Getting What You Deserve

Family law varies from state to state, so it's imperative to know exactly what you're entitled to in a divorce. For instance, in some states, spouses are entitled to their partner's pension and retirement benefits, which may require an additional and costly court date in the future if not properly addressed at the time of the actual divorce. The laws regarding the division of property and assets are not necessarily "50-50" as well - any error or lack in documentation preparation can result in an unfavorable judgment, resulting in your loss of assets that you had been entitled to as well as possibly more time and costs in your attempts to appeal the unfavorable judgment.

As if the divorce process was not already complex, it often leads to even more daunting issues such as child custody, child support and spousal support. An experienced attorney will help you fight for the correct child custody order and support orders with an amount that is proper under the law.  Tackling these issues yourself runs the risk of receiving an unfavorable judgment that could see you paying or receiving an unfair amount with little to no access to your children.

A Personal Mediator and Negotiator

Negotiating can easily become emotional, especially when it is with a current or former spouse. Having an experienced lawyer handle the negotiations process not only reduces stress and saves time, but ensures that emotions don't interfere with the process and the outcome. Our Orange County divorce lawyers at GELLER CONRAD DUVEL LLP are professional negotiators and know what exactly you are entitled to and how to ensure that you get it so that you're not left with an incomplete or unfair settlement.

Agreements between both sides will likely be achieved much more quickly if utilizing the services of an attorney, allowing not only your case, but the courts to run more efficiently as well. Family attorneys can answer any questions you may have, bringing clarity to the process as well as reducing stress on your part.

If you have recently been served with a divorce or simply need to modify existing child and/or spousal support orders, contact Geller Conrad Duvel LLP to protect your rights and your property.

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