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Arguing spousesFew things are as devastating as the end of a long-term relationship. Going through such a change can leave you feeling distraught and as if you have no options going forward. The fact of the matter, however, is that tomorrow is a new day and you need to ensure that you start the next chapter of your life on as strong a footing as possible. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you ensure that your future remains on track. Our Orange County divorce and separation lawyers handle such matters throughout the area. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Orange County lawyers assisting Anaheim and San Clemente residents in divorce and dissolution cases

Ending a marriage can be far more complicated than many realize. People enter the situation thinking that issues are simple and that the case will be “open and shut.” They are then surprised to find out that there are issues which must be resolved in regards to dividing community property, debt, child custody, and more. Disagreements over such issues can make the difference in determining whether you go through a contested divorce, an uncontested divorce, or if you should obtain a legal separation. We can also assist with a domestic partnership dissolution. When evaluating your options it is crucial that you pick the right attorney to assist you. By protecting your interests throughout your case you can help to ensure that you start your new life in a position where you have your fair share of assets, are not burdened with excessive debt, and that you enjoy time with your children.

Our Orange County lawyers assist residents of our area who are going through the end of a relationship. We will use your initial consultation to gain a clear understanding of your situation and to give you an honest assessment of the likely outcome of your case. We will use the consultation to determine immediate priorities which may be addressed. We will then quickly file any necessary pleadings. These may include a request for exclusive possession of the marital home, a request for or opposition to spousal support, and requests related to custody of your children. We will also take steps to ensure that you know what to expect as the process moves forward and that your interests are protected. You are facing a serious situation and our firm will take it seriously. Contact us today.

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Going through a divorce or separation is stressful enough. The last thing you need to worry about in such a situation is being able to get a hold of your attorney. We will return all phone calls and emails within twenty-four hours, if not the same day. We ensure that you are copied on court pleadings, correspondence, and other crucial documents. Our lawyers take a high level of pride in the service they provide to clients and it is our goal to ensure that you receive such attention regardless of the nature of your case. We are ready to assist you.